wan·der·lust   n. Wanderweg, a Swiss signpost

A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. [German :wandern, to wander (from Middle High German) + Lust, desire (from Middle High German, from Old High German.)]

Travel photography primarily from Europe and the United States.

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Nov 1, 2007
The month of November brings another update to! We have added a new gallery, Guatemala, of my recent trip to this Central American country.

The change signals another update to the backend of the site, and we are now able to update more often and with less effort. You will notice the new watermark on the images in the Guatemalan gallery, added automatically to the images with a script. Also, the full resolution images are now also resized automatically for the thumbnail and expanded sizes. These changes will be phased in to all images on the site over the next several updates, and help reduce the delay in making images available here!

Featured Artist!
I'll be the featured artist for the month of October at the Bradley Street Gallery in Carrollton, Georgia. Please stop by October 12th, 6pm-8pm for the open house or any time in October to see my work. I have about 30 pieces on display there.

Oct 8, 2007
Andrew has been busy at college, so I apologize for the delays in the updating of my web site. We have added one new gallery, Moldova which highlights the two and a half weeks Andrew and I spent in that country on a missions trip in July, 2007. I have decided to leave all of this work in one gallery under the title Moldova because I feel that is the best way to capture this unique country in Eastern Europe.

Mar 3, 2007
Several photos have been added to each gallery. We've also added two entirely new galleries, Black and White and From the Air.

Dec 25, 2006
We added a new section to the website, an artist's statement page. It appears in the navigation bar to the left.

This website is a work in progress! I take the photos, and my son Andrew (18) does the computer work.

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